GroomRoom ab 01.06.24 geschlossen!

Wir schließen ab 1. Juni.

Leider schließt der Salon am 1. Juni. Wir starten in Zukunft eine Grooming Academy, um Groomerinnen und Groomer hochprofessionell auszubilden. Bei Interesse registrieren Sie sich gerne jetzt schon!

Interesse an Academy
Die neue Premium Grooming Academy. Jetzt vormerken lassen.
Our premium services

Leider ab 1.6. geschlossen.

Prices vary slightly depending on the size of your dog. You can get exact prices when booking an appointment online by selecting click here and selecting services.
All services can be found here.
themoment there are temporarily increased prices over the winter due to the energy crisis . More details here.

Complete care

The complete package of professional
dog styling with bathing, drying,
brushing or cutting, clipping, shaving,
claw, eye, paw, ear and genital care.
From 89,00 €

Small care

Washing, drying, combing undercoat,
Intimate care, eye care, claw care
From 56,00 €

Individual services

Individual services such as cutting claws,
intimate area, cleaning eyes etc.
From €15.00
Dog groomer, GroomingAnimal Salon Berlin Dog Salon

Groomroom Academy

Unser Hundesalon schließt leider zum 1. Juni2024 seine Türen. Bald schon eröffnen wir unsere Hundefriseur-Ausbildungsstätte, die GroomRoom Academy.

From Berliners for Berliners

Just come around and have a look.

We are open Tuesdays to Saturdays and you are welcome to drop in spontaneously to have your dog assessed for accurate price estimates. Prices vary depending on the condition of the dog.
All services at a glance here.

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GroomRoom Berlin PomAnimal Salon Berlin Dog Salon
Dog salon
All dogs
All breeds of dogs are very welcome here.
Paw dog
Trimming claws, cleaning ears & eyes & much more.
Cut dog
Cut & Trim
Wir schneiden, scheren, stutzen per Hand.
Appointment GroomRoom
Immediate appointment
Simply book your appointment online and receive immediate confirmation

The GroomRoom Team Berlin

Our passionate team in Berlin

Absolute professionalism

We use only the best, highest quality equipment, scissors, trimmers and blow dryers to achieve the best results.

Decades of grooming experience

Unsere Top-Stylisten haben viele Jahre Erfahrung im Grooming und Pflegen. Unsere freiberufliche Mitarbeiterin Natalie z.B. ist ein absoluter Profi für millimetergenaue Ergebnisse! Absolute Spitzenergebnisse sind garantiert! Charlie kommt aus den U.S.A. und hat 14 Jahre Erfahrung mit extravaganten  Hunden in Amerika, Kanada und Dänemark gesammelt und ist fest bei uns angestellt, ebenso wie Adrian, unser Spanier Junior und Mann für alle Small Care Treatments. Mehr über unseren Salon hier.
Pomeranian Trimming Berlin
Darya Hellmann
"The welfare of the dogs is our top priority".
Dogs Cats Salon
Master stylist
"Specializing in voluminous dog breeds".
Dogs Cats Salon
Charlie M.
Master Groomer USA
"Absolute top professional from the U.S.A. with lots of experience, certificates and prices."
Dogs Cats Salon
Junior Stylistin
“Der aufstrebende Profi für Small-Care Behandlungen”
Belrin Dog Salon
Salon Dog
"I'm Lucy, the Salon Pom, and I'm waiting for you".
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What makes a good styling result?

It is important that your dog gets the treatment that is best suited to him or her. Some cuts and procedures are more suitable for some dogs than others. Therefore, we discuss the treatments with you and your dog in advance and give tips and recommendations. You can find great tips and tricks here.

Many years of experience

With our diverse team experienced in grooming with all conceivable breeds of all sizes, we can draw from profound experience and always recommend the best.

Honest recommendations

We are always completely honest with you. If, in our view, certain cuts/treatments are not necessarily conducive to animal welfare, for example, we will also tell you that quite honestly. 100% trust.
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Do you have questions, wishes or special requests?

Then simply write us an email, or via Whatsapp, or just give us a call. You can easily book an appointment here.